EVS on-arrival training

As all EVS volunteers, I participated to an on-arrival training. It means that during one week you and other volunteers gather to learn more about EVS programme and our host country (and also to have fun^^).

Our house for the training
Our house for the training (in the middle of nowhere)

The program of the training was quite busy : learning about EVS rules and youth pass, discovering the Lithuanian culture through cooking and meeting Lithuanian people.

In order to meet Lithuanian people, we played a kind of game : we were divided into different teams. Each team had to ask questions about Lithuania to Lithuanian people. But there were many difficulties : firstly, we had to find Lithuanian people… We were in a small village with nobody in the streets. So sometimes we made picture breaks in the countryside … have a look at this picture:

My team, after looking for people for 2 hours...
My team, after looking for people for 2 hours…

When we finally met Lithuanian people, they (obviously) spoke in … Lithuanian. But hopefully, Ani, an Armenian girl of my team, spoke Russian and helped us to communicate! It was very interesting to meet Lithuanian people living in the countryside and to have a first contact with them.

We also did some outside activities! The funniest one was learning “how to cross a river with a rope”. Jonas, the trainer of the meeting, taught us many useful knots and we attached the rope between two trees (for beginners like us, it lasted more than thirty minutes!). Afterwards, it was time to cross and to walk on the rope… Everybody held hands to form a chain.

It was quite funny as you can see on this picture!

Walking on the rope!
Walking on the rope!

What a surprise when we discovered that there was a sauna just near the house!! Steam water between 60 and 80 degrees! It was so relaxing!

The Sauna
The Sauna

When I started the training, I only knew seven of the twenty volunteers that were there, now they are all my friends and I am very happy to have done this training with them. I left this training very relaxed and with more motivation for my EVS project!



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