English, Italian, Lithuanian, French, 4 languages in 1 place!

As a good French guy, coming to Lithuania I was only speaking FRENCH, and sometimes, when I was in a good mood, English ! And no other languages.

But when I was living in Brussels I used to meet people speaking perfectly in three or four foreign languages. I was very impressed.

Now that I am volunteering in the Youth Job Center, with Emanuela we decided to implement international and languages clubs. That’s why each week we organise English, Italian and French clubs to teach our languages and to speak about our cultures to Lithuanian jobseekers.

I improve my English not only by speaking with other volunteers but also by teaching beginners. As you can imagine, sometimes it is quite hard, as a French, to teach a Lithuanian (I don’t speak well Lithuanian and they don’t speak French) how to speak in English!

I am also following the Italian lessons of Emanuela, that are very interesting and creative. At the beginning I was going only to support her. Now I am very interesting to learn this language!

In my French lesson, it is also very important to find the good way to teach people. You can see at your audience’s faces if there is something wrong or if they don’t understand everything. It is very amazing sometimes when I try to make them pronouncing the word “Prendre” (that means to take)! It seems to be very difficult for them to pronounce it. Obviously, I have the same difficulties in Lithuanian or in Italian!

About our international clubs, it is a challenging but rewarding workvery because we are teaching and learning languages, but also because it is a way to meet Lithuanian people, to discuss with them, to share moments, and to learn about their culture and activities. They are all very motivated to participate in our clubs and we have good learning time together.

So it is the first time I have to cope with so many languages. Nevertheless, I would really like to improve my language skills and I will do my best to reach this aim. Four languages in one unique place, that’s the truth! Unity in diversity!



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