Promoting European employment mobility

Hello everybody,

Last time, I wrote about one of my main work activities: preparing and giving language lessons in French and English. That is why this article will deal with another part of my work: advising and helping Lithuanian jobseekers to find a job abroad.

Waiting for jobseekers
Waiting for jobseekers

With Emanuela, my colleague, flatmate and friend, we sometimes work with the EURES consultant of Kaunas Job Center.
A lot of Lithuanian people would like to have a professionnal experience abroad. It could be for unskilled jobs or for long-term jobs. The EURES office in Kauno Territoriné Darbo Birza offers them to spread their CV to our employment partners in all Europe. The office also provides them with European offers coming from these partners.

What should jobseekers do? First, they need to make a skills assessment to summarize their skills but also their last professionnal activities, how to speak about their hobbies and so on.  When it’s done, jobseekers can build their Europass CVs in English by translating the lithuanian one. Finally, they have to explain and detail their interest for the job they are applying for by writing a motivation letter.

“Europass CV”: the European CV to apply abroad

With Emanuela, we work at helping them to go through all these steps. And in particular to translate the CVs in English and to write the motivation letter.

We are also promoting EURES program “Your First EURES job”.  This is a European Union job mobility scheme to help young people find a job, traineeship or apprenticeship opportunity in another EU country.

Your first EURES Job
Your first EURES Job

I hope that we are helpful. Usually, jobseekers seem very glad to meet us and to receive our advice. If they are, we are!



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